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Yorumu gönderen: Kamstan, 26.03.2012, 17:42 (UTC):
It's a friggin ynorslite. How much is legitamite? Vince has enough control in the company as far as voting rights, that he would never be relieved of his duties read the financials. If the Board made any type of move, he would simply replace the Board. It's not as public as Paul Levesque tried to make it sound.They had an emergency board meeting . Vince is on the Board; I'm sure he would have been notified as the Chairman and Board member. There are holes through all of this ynorslite and it's pathetic. Maybe the 5-year olds buy the ynorslite.Now all we have is Cena is not fired, and the title tournament was full of mid-carders. I watched about 20 minutes of Raw and changed the channel. By the way Lawler is so 1996, he needs to go.

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