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Batisda Vs Rey mysterio

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Yorumu gönderen: Patricia, 29.03.2012, 02:56 (UTC):
This review is from: In the midst of some wordy Norman envols comes Rengades of Gor . Action from start to satisfying finish. Our hero very much himself and doing things the way he does them because he IS Tarl Cabot. All of this set amidst the seige of Ars Station, with Norman providing the the well researched details his books have been known for. Personally, I rank this one right up there with Nomads, Raiders, and Explorers. Set among a long winded series Renegades is a return to the glory days.

Yorumu gönderen: Rey MYysterio, 14.03.2010, 21:12 (UTC):
Rey mysterio kazandı 619

Yorumu gönderen: Ramazan Aydoğan, 14.03.2010, 19:18 (UTC):
Batisdayı da çok seviyorum spear hariketine bayılıyorum rey sansa kazandı

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